Interview: CC- Black Viel Brides

Musical Marmite, that’s one phrase that perfectly, describes Black Veil Brides. One mention of the bands name can cause a full blown argument. Controversy aside, 2013 has been an exciting year in the BVB camp. With the release of the bands new album ‘Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones’ in January, the band were also announced as headlines of this years Kerrang! Tour. Rebecca Rayner caught up with Black Veil Brides Drummer Christian Coma, aka ‘CC’, at Southampton Guildhall to see how the tour was going and talk all things partying.BVB
Rebecca: What was it like being asked to play this years Kerrang! Tour?

CC: It was great I mean you know, to be asked from a publication:

A, from outside of you home country is definitely an honor and

B, Kerrang’s done so much for us like you know, I attribute a lot of our success over here due to the coverage we’ve gotten from Kerrang! So it’s an honor.

We’re with great bands, everyone’s really nice, we’ve been to the offices a few times, you know we love it; we’ve been to the award show I think twice now. Two of three times, I don’t know I’m wasted every time we go there, but yeah it’s definitely an honor and we’re all as excited bout it.

Rebecca: So how’s the tour going so far, isn’t this your fourth date now?

CC: Yeah, it’s going great. I mean the crowds have been amazing. I think every shows been sold out, if not it looks like its been. Maybe Manchester was close to sold out I’m not sure. Every show is like packed, its awesome, its been going really well.

Rebecca: Have you had any like crazy tour stories so far?

CC: (Laughs) urmmm well yesterday a few of us got kicked out of a hotel, urm ha, yeah I cant really go to much into there.

Rebecca: No?

CC: Yeah we were partying and urm you know like the trash can lids? I mean we urr had a little to drink; you know a couple of drinks. You know the trash can lids that like a dome? We all put them on our heads and ran around the hotel, calling ourselves space men.

Rebecca: You must have looked like Daleks?

CC: Well yeah, they were just laughing at us because we were on every camera just going through all the floors running around with trashcans on our heads. (Laughs) urmm that was just the beginning of the shenanigans for that evening. But yeah a couple of us got kicked out of the hotel the other night, but uhh, yeah we’ve been really good this tour though, that was…

Rebecca: Yeah that was cool you know, not a horrible rock star moment. Not like chucking a T.V out the window, just running around being spacemen.

CC: Yeah you know were really well behaved this tour, Kerrang! Should be thankful because I swear to god I’ve almost gotten reported to Interpol because of damage done to a room before and that was, I dint even do it… It was Ashley and Jake that smashed my room in Frankfurt Germany before. But I mean like we’re really well behaved, I don’t know why that is this tour but we’re on our best behaviour.

Rebecca: You guys are really popular over here with the UK fans. What do you think of the reception that you get when you come over here?

CC: It’s Amazing! We tour over here more than the states. Immediately before this tour was our first tour in the states for I think over a year and a half, or maybe like two years headlining and so uh we do really well over here so we keep coming. Flying straight over here and just skipping the states, which makes our home country fans really pissed… but you know fuck um, I’m just kidding. I mean like you know we’re obviously goanna go to where, I don’t know. We don’t control it, our booking agent does and I guess even though this is a much smaller country than America, its crazy to come over here. And like even this tour, its not something that we get used to or we’re jaded by or like take for granted by any means, like were doing signings and there’s 300 people freaking out, shaking and crying and its like I’m in a country my mum and dad have never been to. It’s definitely humbling and I even told Jake at our last signing, I was just like this is so crazy to think like we’re like all the way across the world and we’re like stars over here. We’re definitely very thankful for our fans here. We try to do as many tours over here as possible but I think its time we give the Americans a little love. But still even in the middle of our American tour, we’re over here doing the kerrang! Tour so…

Rebecca: How do the fans differ from America to England? I’ve heard people say in the past we’re more enthusiastic.

CC: I think you guys are much more rock orientated here. I’ve been in previous bands and my old singer used to tour over here a lot and he, before I ever, years and years, this is back in like 2005 or 2004 maybe. He used to tell me “oh they’re all about metal over there and rock” and blahda blah blah, and I always wanted to go over there. I mean its kind of a blessing in disguise I didn’t go with that band and you know this is the first time I’ve ever been over was here with this band. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been over here now with this band, nine or so I don’t even know, but definitely much more rock orientated. I think the States is more about pop and hip-hop now. Urm we do really well in the States, don’t get me wrong its not like were playing to like 200 people a night. We do well over there as well but the energy’s just, I don’t know it’s definitely different. I think like Rock is number one here where maybe like pop and hip-hop is over there.

Rebecca: You would think that but actually it’s a lot more stuff like ‘Lady Gaga’.

CC: That’s how it is in the States. I don’t know what it is; maybe it’s the radio play they get over here… But yeah the fans over here like its insane. I love not looking at the crowd and just coming out, getting behind the drum set and being like “Holy shit” look at all these people you know and like they’re just going nuts for the show. I mean like its, there a bit more enthusiastic. I mean obviously there’s those stand out cities in America but I mean I think they just love rock over here.

Rebecca: You guys create a lot of controversy. I’m not sure why but people either seem to really love you or really hate you, I was wondering why do you think that is?

CC: I’ve never heard of that.

Rebecca: Have you not?

CC: ha-ha no I’m just kidding, I mean urm I don’t know there’s something…

Sorry I’m just picking my nose. I don’t even care, I’m sorry. I’m just glad this is not a video interview

Rebecca: I might just write that bit in.

CC: You can, I will not be offended.

Urm the controversy I mean, I don’t know I kinda, a lot more people have heard of us because were so controversial like, for instance I don’t know if you’ve heard of a band called Mötley Crüe, Nicki Sixx heard of us because somebody told him “your going to hate these guys, you’ve gotta listen to them”. Who says that? Your going to hate this band check em out! Right so he was like “Everyone was saying I’m gonna hate you guys and so I listened to you, and I like it”. So he took us under his wing, did photo shoots. That shoot he did ended up on the cover of Big Cheese…

My nose is still running, I’m so sorry. I feel like there’s just like boggers shooting out of every hole in my face.

Rebecca: Is it the weather, have you got a cold? That’s probably what it is.

CC: No, its just I don’t know. I come over here and I’m just allergic.

But urmm you know what, there’s haters in everything I mean like it depends on what website you go to. On the Internet they talk shit about every band you know. I mean like it could either be jealous of the success, we’re all decent looking dudes you know. We’re young, handsome and popular like you know people. Either they’re envious or they just genuinely don’t like the music. I mean I cant really pin point it, I’m not one to sit there behind a keyboard and run my fingers instead of running my mouth to someone’s face. Which actually you know, I don’t even let it get to me because I have approached so many people who have written things about us, who are way bigger and can kick the shit out of me, and just approach them, not trying to fight them or anything. I’m not a fighter I’m a lover you know. I don’t do that but you know they always back down like “no man no, its totally cool. You know our manager made us do that” or this, that or the other thing, and its like there’s always a fall back. So like you know you get behind a computer screen, I think there’s like that level of, what is it, anonymity, is that it? Is that the right word? I’m drunk who cares. You know there’s a level of being anonymous behind a keyboard and its like, you know what they feel safe because you can say whatever you want without any kind of consequences and I think that’s the problem with today. People do things without being able to accept the consequences. And its like me, I’m not going to like punch somebody in the face or something for talking shit, its juts like why don’t you like me? I don’t care about you like you could have sex with dogs, whatever you want to do that’s fine. I’m not okay with it, but I’m not gonna sit and write about it on the internet, you know what I mean? Its like who gives a shit you know, if someone wants to do something, let them do something. You could stand against it and stand up for what you believe in, but its like I don’t understand what this whole cool fad is about talking shit about bands, you know like who cares? Do something better, find a hobby; build a fucking boat, who knows like. You know what I mean like who gives a shit. I mean its kind of bitter sweet because it’s like as much as that annoys me personally, I know that for like every person that talks shit, three people read their comments and that sparks interest. And so for everybody that has said negative things about us honestly thank you because no sweat of my back you know. I’m defiantly successful, the rest of my band mates are. We wouldn’t be over here so many times without that you know

Rebecca: I think what it is, is your look. Like obviously your look is quite a statement and I think some people are a bit uneasy about it. Thinking maybe your trying to do ‘A Kiss’ but I think your look is part of the whole performance element of it, so what was the idea behind the look? Where did you get the inspiration from?

CC: I mean everyone, uhh, we just want to be that over the top band I mean like you know, we’re performers. You have to perform or you don’t…

(CC Burps) Excuse me; I’m just disgusting in this interview! I’m burping; picking my nose, there’s probably going to be a fart in about five minuets. I’m just kidding, I’m just joking.

Black Veil Brides Guitarist Jake Pitts Shouts form the other side of the room:

Pipe Down over there!

CC: You here me?

Rebecca: He’s just picking his nose over here

CC: I got snot all over my shit dude! I’m the worst over here, I’m sorry. Urm anyway I mean (laughs) this is why I don’t want to do interviews, I just cant keep it together. Anyway I mean we don’t want to look like we work at an electronics store. You know like we just got of work and got on stage to perform. At the end of the day we’re entertainers and we have to entertain whether its through music or our live show, and I think a lot of bands miss that. I’m not gonna say that they’re too scared or they don’t want to go the extra mile, but I think a lot of bands miss that and that might be where some of the hate comes from. Because of the fact that we put effort in doing makeup and doing this stuff, and we’ve seen bands that haven’t done that that have toured with us and now there doing that. We just want to be that band that’s entertaining and I think we’re doing a great job of it, because like the last band that I’ve seen fans that have been like this devoted to and this dedicated was maybe Slipknot. And the before that, I mean you know they have that hand full of bands you know, bands that stand out like Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Slipknot, Kiss, Metallica, Slayer and like there’s those stand out bands where like all the fans are just so devoted you know, With like tattoos of you signature and just like logo tattoos and stuff. I just feel really fortunate to be in a band like that and with the whole aesthetic thing we just get on stage and we are who we are, we get on stage and we perform you know it’s a show, not just like ahh were just running through the motions and stuff, it’s a show we entertain the crowd. And I think a lot of ticket sales we have are repeat buyers for our shows and like repeat concertgoers.

Rebecca: Do you think you would have sparked the popularity you gained without your look?

CC: You know I think it has something to do with it. I mean I think we would still be as popular, it may have taken a little bit longer and that like goes back to everybody that’s said things about us you know, like negative on the internet or in person or whatever. I mean I think being controversial definitely paid off in our favour and that’s one thing that’s so funny, because like we’re the ones laughing last. You know like say whatever you want, yeah we’re all big faggorts you know. Not to be that dude like all of us have girlfriends, some of us are married some of us are engaged. This dude (points to Bassist Ashley Purdy) has a line of chicks out every goddamn hotel room forever.

Ashley: Hi.

Rebecca: Hi.

Ashley: How are you?

Rebecca: I’m good, how are you?

Ashley: PARTY!

CC: But you know its, whatever. It is what it is. This is my professional party partner right here.

Ashley: Woooooo

CC: By the way we were the spacemen.

Ashley: We got kicked out our hotel last night; did you tell them the story?

CC: I was telling them; well I was very vague about it but yeah.

Ashley: We were high and drunk and…

CC: well I didn’t say the high part but all right. We messed with various substances… can I get a tissue, I’m sorry.

Ashley: So what did he tell you? We were running up through the hallways.

Rebecca: Yeah bin lids.

Ashley: I tweeted the picture so you can reference the photo. Trash can lids on our heads, looking like spacemen just running through the hallways. They had video cameras taping us in the hotel in Bristol.

CC: Did you show them the picture??

Ashley: well I tweeted it so…

Rebecca: I’ll have a look. That’s like the best rock star story I’ve ever heard like…

CC: Psssshhhtt! You’ve gotta hang out with us more often! That story sucks in comparison. We didn’t even go to sleep until like 8AM.

Ashley: And then we slept all day. It was fun.

Rebecca: So what bands would you say influenced Black Veil Brides and how did they kind of shape the direction of the band?

CC: I mean we’re all over the place. Obviously everybody..

Ashley: I listen to Engelbert Humperdinck!

CC: Well I mean like the obvious ones that everybody wants us to mention are obviously Kiss and Mötley Crüe, yeah yeah, yeah . I mean like we have soo many and much more influences that we listen to other that that. Like they just go off of the way we look. Yeah we do make-up; yeah we have like leather, whatever. It doesn’t matter but everyone’s always like (sarcastically) “Kiss and Mötley Crüe ohh yeah”. I think what makes this band so awesome, like everybody has soo many different influences. Me personally I listen…

I’m just spitting all over you. God I just get more disgusting as we go on. Wait till we go to this bar later, I’ll probably vomit in your pocket.

But I mean like yeah, Kiss, Mötley Crüe like you know Misfits urr I don’t even know. I like Slipknot and I listen to a lot of electronica like I love bands like As I Lay Dying, Jinxx (Guitarist in Black Veil Brides) likes Mozart you know and classical like. We’re so all over the place that its hard to pin point it, I think that’s what makes this band so great because each one of us is diverse, both in like our up bringing’s. I’m the only one born and raised in L.A, everyone else came from all over America so it’s like just the fact that we’re all in a band together. Its just like so astronomical the odds, that its nuts. But I mean we all have different influences from metal to classical to country, Ashley loves country. Urmm I mean we’re all over the place, Sex Pistols, a lot of punk influences. I used to listen to a band called Pennywise, who’s from my area back in Southern California, and its like all of us have so many different influences and I think that’s what’s cool. Going into the studio with different views and having so many different things to offer.

Rebecca: You said you guys come from all different parts in America, how did you guys get together?

CC: Andy Started the band, everybody knows that. He started when he was very young, not exactly sure how he met up with Ashley but those two guys met up and you know they had a similar outlook on the whole band you know. They wanted something with an image and a particular sound, and they had a lot of the same influences and they met up. Somehow Jake and Jinxx ended up in the band, but I was playing with Jake and Jinxx in between bands and we started a side project. We were having a great time, and then it just so happened that the drummers spot opened up so then urmm the thing that Jake, Jinxx and I were working on fell apart because it just wasn’t all there yet and everything happens for a reason you know. The drummer’s spot opened up and they ended up in this band, both of them, and I played with the two guitarists before so then they invited me in when it opened up. So its just weird how it all worked out.

Rebecca: Do you guys take influence for other things, like cultural things such as comic books and movies into your music?

CC: Oh absolutely. I mean just look around the show tonight, your goanna see like 300 people with Batman shirts on. I mean you know like Andy loves Batman. We all, I mean its not just music that we’re influenced by. Obviously we all have particular things in our life you know, like I love animals look at my default picture on twitter. I’m a baby riding a Pug for god sakes! Like it’s retarded. But yeah definitely take more influence from things other than music.

Rebecca: This is quite a difficult one. What is your most influential album of all time and why?

CC: You know people keep asking me that, and not to be so vague and you know like… I don’t know. It just depends on what I’m feeling at the time you know. If I just break up with a girl, what’s more perfect than Adele? You know, I mean like Jesus that girl nailed it. Or Taylor Swift, goddamn she needs to figure out what’s going on with her Boyfriend like, maybe the problems her man! I mean like keep getting your heart broken I guess because she’s writing great songs, but I mean it all depends on where I’m at in life. I can’t pinpoint my life on one particular album. I mean my favourite song of all time is from a band called Face to Face and the songs called disconnected, I mean I’ve been listening to that since I was a teenager, but I cant really just say one album it always depends on where I’m at in life.

Rebecca: Is there not just one album that’s just kind of touched you and meant more to you than the others?
CC: No because you know it depends. I mean like the first band I ever really freaked out over, and was like I see it in our fans and to where I wanted to know who they were dating, like what kind of toilet paper they used, the dumbest shit about them, would probably be like Green Day. Because I bought the album Dookie and I just lost it like I was learning …

Ashley: Dude (laughing) you wanted to know what kind of toilet paper they were using so he bought the album Dookie, hahaha.

CC: I’m glad someone got that I tied it in (laughing), I’m glad somebody got that I tied that in there. But you know that album for me it got me into rock music, I was learning drums and I just wanted to know everything about those dudes. I see that a lot in our fans and its so crazy to be like, Wow I’m like one of those guys now.

Read the published interview here on the Mint South Website:

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