Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon- Sempiternal

BMTH SempiternalBring Me The Horizon are back with their long awaited follow up to 2010’s ‘There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret’ With the screams of “This is Sempiternal!” a new era of metal comes with it. ‘Sempiternal’ is a game changer, genre defining in the fact it’s a sort of easy listening metal album that hasn’t sacrificed any of the death pounding screaming, darkly emotional lyrics and breakdowns that can melt the face off any unsuspecting listener.

The album breaks into a start with a distorted dance trumpet sound in Can You Feel My Heart. It gives you a false sense of security as to what you will find on ‘Sempiternal’. “Where on earth is Oli Sykes deathly screaming?” fans may plea, well there is no lack of that. The House Of Wolves brings the harder metal edge to the album similar to the bands previous album. Antivist one of the heavier songs on the album brings an incomparable anger and rebellion with screams of revolution. Sykes has likely had to make a huge donation to the swear jar as there is certainly no lack of it, which actually just propels the song to another level. The most refreshing part of ‘Sempiternal’ is hearing Sykes sing, and surprisingly his vocal chords aren’t shredded to pieces by his many years of screaming as if the Dementors from Harry Potter were after him. Hollows of the words ‘We Are Powerless’, in a way comparable to that from the likes of The Killers Frontman Brandon Flowers, exudes from Hospital For Souls.

Bring Me The Horizon have really bought their ‘A’ game to the table, ‘Sempiternal’ is unlike any thing before it. It mixes hallowing metal screaming and breakdowns with softer generated computer sounds. The way Sykes can manoeuvre from ear piecing screaming to softly singing lyrics is commendable and really adds to the captivating emotion and disillusionment from society felt by the youth of today. The track of the album is undoubtedly Shadow Moses it captures the band at its highest point. It’d be hard to knock the Sheffield Metalcore band down now as they are showcasing just what altitudes they are capable of reaching.



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