Album Review: Fearless Vampire Killers- Exposition

With the larger and life theatrics of Fearless Vampire Killers comes a grand concept to match. Following on from the story of their first album ‘Militia of the Lost’ based in the fictional city of Grandomina, ‘Exposition’ delves deeper into the rich make believe world created by the band. An E.P made up of 5 songs, a different song exploring the depths of each one of the band member’s alter egos. Of course such a rich concept deserves even more creative input, that is why the band are releasing a series of five comic books to follow the story of ‘Exposition’FVK

 Each of the five songs is dissimilar from the next, distinguishing the personality traits and story of each of the five characters. The album starts with The Pilot- P Train and a slow dreamy guitar rift, easing you into a world of make-believe. This then builds into a rock opera explosion of theatrical guitars and melodies.  The Thief- Merchants Of Decay starts off in a similar way with the slow guitar part. That later builds into catchy chorus and a burst of Kier Kemp’s deathlike screaming that warns off anyone who thinks this is just another band who’s success is built solely around the way they look.

 The Highlight of the album is The Vigilante- Death Or Disgrace. From the beginning the song embodies psychotic with a hallowing Joker laugh. There is also something uneasy about the disjointed vocals alongside music that creates a sense of discomfort, further transporting you into the fictional world of the Fearless Vampire Killers.

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