Album Review: Pigeon Detectives- We Met At Sea

Well this definitely is The Pigeon Detectives that’s for sure. The familiar Distinctive northern twang vocals of Matt Bowman wouldn’t allow you to think anything otherwise. We Met At Sea at first sounds similar to the bands older material but yet it certainly isn’t. In the 2-year gap since the release of their last album Up, Guards and at ‘Em! the band have modernised. It’s whether this updated version of The Pigeon Detectives is an improvement or just insufficient that causes the real enigma.We Met At Sea

Animal is a promising track. The tribal like drums builds into the first screech of Bowman’s Yorkshire vocals. The chorus is riddled with a sudden upbeat baseline and lyrics that stick in your head like superglue. The breakdown excitedly appears, with wavy guitars parts set to add to the funky upbeat tempo.

After a good start the rest of the album is lack lustre. It’s like opening that Christmas present you were really looking forward to and find a piece missing, grief stricken. And like that Christmas present the album just gets worse and worse with each minute and each play. Its hard not to zone out like a kid with ADHD, particularly during Day And Month. There’s nothing wrong with the songs on there own, but as a set they are all just to similar. The theme of love and relationships is prominent throughout the album, although these relationships seem a little mind-numbing in all honesty. The lyrics are as two dimensional as three week old road kill. To late to barbeque as it would provide a completely lacklustre meal and would probably kill you in the end. This album provides about the same amount of nutritional value as said barbequed road kill. It does to your ears what that road kill supper would do to your taste buds, nauseating garbage.

Over all We Met At Sea is dull, flat and basic. It’s sort of like plain toast, ordinary without any of the exciting condiments. Where is the sweet musical jam or the creamy chocolate spread lyrics? And don’t even mention the lack of Nutella…

Words By: Rebecca Rayner

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