Mallory Knox @ The Mo’Club – Southampton


What’s this?

In a bands career comes a moment they know will be monumental in the construction of their success or the architecture of their destruction. For rockers Mallory Knox this headline tour was one of those moments that all the blood sweat and tears boils down to. After melodic rock single ‘Lighthouse’ circulated across the Radio One airwaves, the bands fan base expanded dramatically like a sponge soaking up all the moisture of this talented troop. This tour meant a lot and that was evident in the desperation and euphoria in each of the five young lads faces.

And what’s it like?

“From the bottom of our hearts thank you” pleaded Mikey Chapman at the barrage of adoring fans. The sincerity in his voice said it all, the knowledge that without their fans they would be nowhere. Anthemic chanting accompanied each song as the crowd’s hysteria filed the room. It was like telling a six-year-old child that they are finally going to Disneyland. Busting open the set like a piñata was ‘Hello’ the catchy engulfing melodies perfectly synchronised with Chapman’s flawless vocal talents.

Watching the set it was evident how much this opportunity meant to them, grasping desperately onto it like it was their last breath of air. Savouring each precious second of the moment. During ‘Oceans’, a song from the bands first EP Pilot, the response of the crowd came at such astonishment to the band that the members looked completely taken aback and awash with emotion. Once a song that was played to crowds of merely twenty, it now had the entire audience of a 600 capacity venue off their feet. During this graceful experience, the accomplishments of the band became crystal clear; the realisation that there definitely is no going back from this moment onwards.

What’s the final verdict?

The sheer dedication to make this show successful raised the quality of the band performance. If each gig before that was at a Snowdonia level of altitude, this felt like the climb all the way to the top of Everest. Pushing through the altitude barrier, sweat drenched, gasping for breath. The band have made the climb to the top but what next?

Words by Rebecca Rayner

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