Canterbury – Dark Days (from Electric Banana)


What’s this?

The tricky third album is always a hit or miss situation, something notoriously hard to get right. A band has to try and develop the sound and the success of their previous two albums, whilst still making something fresh and exciting. For Farnham’s finest Canterbury this task didn’t appear too daunting, Hitting the nail directly on the head with Dark Days just over a year after 2012’s release Heavy In The Day.

And what’s it like?

Opening track ‘Impressive Imitation’ immediately shows you the truly epic proportion of this album. Starting of slow and quiet, leaving a confused notion in its wake as to what expectations you should have for this album. A climatic build up leads to melodic guitars, purposeful drums and Mike Sparks breathtaking vocals, sending shivers down your entire body.

The lyrics are catchy but without the cheapness of a pop song. ‘All My Life’ is anthemic, an emotive sing along with lyrics “They’ll be with me all my life”. To rival this ‘Satellite’ showcases a different persona with an attitude to challenge a thousand diva Lindsay Lohan’s. The riffs are bursting with energy throughout the record alongside the confident funk of the bass, it’s an outstanding accomplishment to get a rush of adrenaline lasting an entire album.

‘Think it over’ is a clear highlight, showcasing the abilities of the bands additional vocalist Luke Prebble. The rarity for a band to have two of the best vocalists in the UK rock scene is something worth celebrating. The song spits in the face of drabble, a sparkling example of why Canterbury have achieved noteworthy success as of yet.

Deep bellows of a male choir are softly showcased in ‘Hold Your own’ until after two minutes in, a switch is flicked and the fierce vocal performance of Sparks returns engulfing what came before it like a hungry shark. Not only does this album make you feel good, it makes you feel invincible, that your problems are insignificant and you can tackle the entire world.

What’s the tracklisting?

1. Expensive Imitation
2. Keep It Moving
3. All My Life
4. Satellite
5. Hold Your Own
6. Think It Over
7. By The Trail
8. Elephant
9. Run From A Gun
10. Out From The Cold
11. Going Nowhere
12. See The Sun (iTunes Exclusive)

Can you listen to anything now?

What’s the final verdict?

This album is gold dust, impressive in its rarity and precious enough to want to keep close by. Its easy to become infatuated, the precious ring to your Gollum. Although it may only be January, This album could easily be one of the best of 2014. If the perfectly constructed nature of Dark Days doesn’t propel Canterbury even further into the limelight then nothing ever will.

Words by Rebecca Rayner

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