EP REVIEW: Wicked Snakes – Lead Me To The Sun (from Bring The Noise)

Wicked Snakes

Creating an EP with no specific genre boundaries in mind can always be a risky business. The mix of sounds you decide to lumber together has the potential to be as disastrous as some concoction mixed up by Ron Weasley in potions class. Wicked Snakes have taken a risk with their debut EP Lead Me To The Sun by mixing together elements of any genre that has taken their fancy, and in doing so has made their music more interesting than some of the screaming involved drabble that emanates from other bands in the scene.

The EP is both epic and understated, hiding in the corner cleverly thinking out its attack.A Ceremony is slow at first, resembling a creepy Mexican death march. That is until bellowing vocals impolitely introduce themselves with more than just a handshake. The song takes an upbeat turn with guitars stealing a lot of the limelight. The acoustic Spanish breakdown adds a touch of flare to the song, really highlighting a diverse range of inspiration. The flustering dreaminess of the acoustic is substituted with the repeated screams of “hang your head in shame”.

Death Notes starts as it means to go on. It’s heavy as hell, but what would you expect? Thrown in for good measure is a 70’s psychedelic guitar solo with ridiculously flamboyant Wah-Wah guitars. Lead Me To The Sun is not all just screaming. The band is not afraid to escape conventions by evading clichés. It works and adds to what they are creating in their genre mixing bowl. It shows it could be about time to ditch same old shouty bearded guy and the same old guitar riffs.

The album is a solid effort. The only factor that lets this debut down is towards the end it felt as if the band got tired of playing.  As if it were a physical strain to spurt the final lyrics out needed to complete the overall EP. Either trying to think of new genres to play got tiring or the band had taken a trek along the Sahara. Either way this is a strong debut from a promising band even if it may have exhausted them to make.


Standout Tracks: Death Notes, A Ceremony

For Fans Of: Baby Godzilla, Palm Reader, Dead Harts

Written By: Rebecca Rayner

Read the review online at http://www.bringthenoiseuk.com/201401/music/reviews/ep-review-wicked-snakes-lead-me-to-the-sun

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