Fourth Series of Game Of Thrones met with ‘sickened’ complaints from viewers

Noise Cannon

Cult HBO series Game Of Thrones returned to our screens on Sunday evening for its fourth series. The return of the fantasy drama was met with elated delight from its fans, but also sparked complaints about the degree of nudity and violence displayed on the show.

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Takedown Festival Review – Published in Kerrang!

Here is my joint two page review of Takedown festival and my interview with Jono Yates from Blitz Kids published in the March 29th edition of Kerrang! magazine.

Seahaven Album Review – Published In Kerrang Magazine

Here are some pictures of my review of Seahaven's album Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only published in the March 22nd issue of Kerrang! Magazine 2014. 

My Chemical Romance – Fake Your Death

Noise Cannon


On the 22nd March 2013, My Chemical Romance announced after twelve years together that they would be parting ways. Almost a year later and the build-up to the bands greatest hits album May Death Never Stop You has been rekindling the sadness felt by their dedicated fan base. With the release of the bands last ever single ‘Fake Your Death’ the end seems to have hit hard, it’s time to say goodbye to an era.

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Canterbury – Dark Days (from Electric Banana)

What’s this? The tricky third album is always a hit or miss situation, something notoriously hard to get right. A band has to try and develop the sound and the success of their previous two albums, whilst still making something fresh and exciting. For Farnham’s finest Canterbury this task didn’t appear too daunting, Hitting the … Continue reading Canterbury – Dark Days (from Electric Banana)

Is Touring Too Difficult For New Bands?

Every new band has an idealised view of what it’s like starting out. Make an awesome record, get picked up by a label and going on the tour you’ve been fantasising about. Dreamy thoughts of playing to crowded rooms of people, crashing in a luxurious tour bus with a plentiful rider and an Xbox 360 to keep … Continue reading Is Touring Too Difficult For New Bands?

EP REVIEW: Wicked Snakes – Lead Me To The Sun (from Bring The Noise)

Creating an EP with no specific genre boundaries in mind can always be a risky business. The mix of sounds you decide to lumber together has the potential to be as disastrous as some concoction mixed up by Ron Weasley in potions class. Wicked Snakes have taken a risk with their debut EP Lead Me To The Sun by … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Wicked Snakes – Lead Me To The Sun (from Bring The Noise)