REVIEW: Nightcrawler



Jake Gyllenhall stars as Louis Bloom, an unsettlingly confident human encyclopaedia of the Internet living in contemporary Los Angeles. Desperate for work of any kind Lou stumbles upon the underground world of ‘Nightcrawling’ where freelance video crews descend into the night like vultures, in order to get grotesque footage of crime scenes and car crashes to package up and serve for breakfast across the morning news.

After stumbling upon this new way to make a quick buck, Lou gets his grubby hands on a camera and a police radio, quickly setting to work. With his disturbing bulging eyes and greasy man bun, sociopath Lou prowls the streets awkwardly like a jackal in search of blood and death in a world where the more horrific the death, the more money you get and the higher you fly up the TV news ladder. All he has to remember is “If It Bleeds…

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